Amit mendelsohn, a street photographer, news, art, sport and... whatever catch his eyes. Working and living in Marseille, France. In the last four years working for the English International agency Demotix and recently for the new online Israeli, newspaper Megafon news as well

Journalist and writer

8 years in the Chief online magazine, writing a weekly column about technology, politics, and simply daily life issues. Co-Founded and built the online independent newspaper Megafon-news and serving as its technical manager and the editor of the technology section

Writing and reporting from France and Europe in special events. Translating content from French and English and data mining for research


Hardware/software designer and developer, system architect with more then 25 years of experience. customers: best TV online television system. Memri - recording and editing studio. Cobrador/AMDS - data security system. 360 degrees video camera. Wireless USB camera. money note recognition system for the blind

Web designer and website architect. Computer Graphics and programming Online videos producer


Experienced architect and interior designer. Ex-partner in an engineering office in Jerusalem, packages designer, Graphic artist, furniture designer and industrial solutions providers. Working with wood mainly, but also plastic, metal, and aluminum