Born and raised in Israel (1963), living and working in Marseille, France. Architect, designer, computer system expert, writer, Journalist (Publicist) and editor but mostly photographer and photojournalist.
35 years of shooting from Architecture to street photography, through abstract, animals, views and simply...life.
Though shooting for a long time my shots never suited the old classic style (flat without shadows and extra bright) of the advertising agencies, so I took my independent route, never influenced by anyone, doing what I love to do and what I do best, showing life through my eyes, playing with light, colors, shadows and reflections. Even though I do use b/w it is quite rare as my view of photography is that color is part of real life, not to mention the fact that b/w pictures limit my possibilities while editing the pictures.
Behind me 5 exhibitions here in Marseille: a solo exhibition and 4 with other photographers, among them 2 exhibitions of the events following the disaster of Rue d'Aubagne (all revenue went to the organization that helps the victims). Even though I have been shooting everywhere I visited Marseille is always the best and most interesting shooting site.

As a photojournalist my work has been published all over the globe in the printed and digital media through "Demotix" agency, that later became part of "Corbis". Many of my pictures decorated articles in the Israeli Newspaper "Megafon news", that I have been one of it's founders and served as it's chief editor for 3 years.

My shop is now open. It contains more then 7200 pictures all of them can be purchased online for any purpose...

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